Shiyang Jia

PhD student @ UCSD
San Diego, CA
Credit to nocopyrightgirl

Hi there! I am a second-year PhD student at UC San Diego Center for Visual Computing advised by Tzu-Mao Li and Albert Chern. My research focuses on physical simulation, numerical optimization, and animation control problem. I am interested in building tools and algorithms that help airtists better design animations and exploring the connections among physical simulation, geometry processing, and rendering.

I received B.E. in Computer Science and Technology from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2020. I worked on hair simulation and collision handling with Tiantian Liu in Microsoft Research Asia during the senior year of my undergrad. After graduation, I spent one gap year working on real-time cloth simulation in Flare lab and miHoYo.

Outside of research, I enjoy drawing, cooking, karaoke, and body-building. I am also (unsurprisingly) a big fun of games and anime ;p


Physical Cyclic Animations

Shiyang Jia, Stephanie Wang, Tzu-Mao Li, Albert Chern
Proceedings of the ACM on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SCA 2023), Los Angeles

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project: rotating hair ball
Hair simulation

Fast hair simulation algorithm with self-collision handling.

project: bending thin shell
Thin shell simulation

Thin shell simulation implemented in CUDA, rendered by Houdini.

project: ray tracing
Ray tracing

Ray tracing in one weekend & next week.

project: LabelText
Fluid simulation

Particle-based fluid simulation (SPH) using Taichi.

project: John Lemon's Haunting Jaunt
John Lemon's Haunted Jaunt

A 3D stealth game made by Unity.

project: data visualization
Spatial-temporal trajectory visual analytics

An interactive data visualization website for analyzing the movement trajectory of conference attendee.

(Submitted to ChinaVis 2019 Data Challenge)

project: HairNet
Hair generation

An encoder-decoder CNN for hair generation from single-view images.

Code Report
project: LabelText

A graphical image text annotation tool for generating training data.